Acid is the leader of the Autobots in Transformers:Aftermath.  He is not the fastest or strongest on the team, but he was the leader of the crew that followed the Decepticons under Whiplash.  He is very quick-headed, and also quite light on his feet.  He is also very idealistic, believing completely in the Autobot cause, but more than willing to take risks.

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2009 Camaro





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Autobots, Mutants


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Acid's past is not well known, but he apparently trained under Bumblebee at some point.  He and Whiplash have been rivals since they first met.  They were both assigned to attack an outpost, but Acid's squad was decimated by their numbers.  He then broke the most important rule: don't destroythe outpost.  He was subjected to demotion, and made to captain a scout ship called the Freedom 13.  After landing on Earth(rather roughly, much to his dismay)in Book 1, he scanned a 2009 Camaro and radioed his team. In Book 2, he was driving along I-15 with Selene and Wing, going to find Fortress and Thunder.They then came under attack by Boomer, Whiplash, Apollo, Chopper, and Talon.  Boomer was eventually beaten by Fortress, who twisted his main cannon and let him fire. 


Acid is aptly named after his main weapon, an acid cannon.  It's ammo can melt through almost any armor, and he is a crack shot with it.  It has a range of 2 miles, but accuracy at that range is only 10%.  He also has shoulder-mounted missile launchers.  He can also fire small busts of shells from his chest like a shotgun.  These are grossly inaccurate, but quite potent at close-range.  For melee combat, he uses a lance that comes out of his left arm.  He is, as previously said, not the strongest or fastest, but his quick-thinking mind is one of his best assets.  He is also surprisingly durable, able to fight with wounds that would leave others of his size in stasis lock.


Acid is lime green in color, with purple racing stripes.  His eyes are blue.


To get a toy of Acid, take a Deluxe class 'AllSpark Power' Stealth Bumblebee.  Paint over the black with lime green and the racing stripes purple.  This will give you Acid, just don't drop him(gettit?!)

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