Air Raid is addicted to speed. Literally. Unable to find enough thrill in moving at a mere mach 2.5, he has resorted to taking chemically-infused form of energon that not only boosts his speed capabilities for short bursts, but also speeds up all of his systems, to the point that he seems to be moving in fast-forward. If he’s forced to sit still, he jitters, both legs moving up and down and clattering against the metal chair and floor, fingers drumming at lightning speed on the arm-rest, until Silverbolt becomes annoyed enough to beat him into a senseless state. Due to the chemicals, his reflexes are approximately five times as fast as a normal Transformer’s, and paired with his impulsive temper, he has become someone that nobody wants to sneak up on. He is savage to the point of being half-feral, mostly due to the chemicals’ effects on his processor, and he respects only pain, which Silverbolt is only too happy to dish out. Of course, he also respects Fireflight, who is always ready with his next dose before the torturous withdrawl sets in, provided Air Raid remains perfectly obedient. Which he does not always do. . . .

Toys: Generation 1

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