Algorithm is the security officer of the Iacon Elite Guard in the Transformers: Extinction fanon.

"With me, all your problems are solved."


Algorithm is the newest recruit to the Iacon Elite Guard. He is fresh out of training school where he graduated top of his class. As his name suggests, he is a wiz at coming up with methods with solving problems and data processing. With these stellar attributes, Evolution Prime placed him as the Iacon Elite Guard's security officer. He can quickly solve any security issues and process the data to correct any security issue. Not surprisingly, he very much looks up to Perceptor as a role model and would love to one day reach his technical abilities.


Algorithm has a massive onboard computing unit with seemingly infinte processing speed and memory. This enable him to quicky compute and solve many problems. His alt mode is an armored off road truck with with twin cannons mounted on the back. With all his computing power, none of it is set for targeting so Algorithm is a poor shot. He is also relatively inexperienced. These combined set him up as a liability on the battle field. He is also not particularily fast, but due to his quick reflexes and thinking, he is able to get himself out of sticky situations.

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