At one time respected as one of the main leaders of the Rebellion that resulted in the near-extinction of the Quintessons. After vorns of patient waiting and plotting, he was lurking in the shadows when Sentinel Prime was defeated. Immediately snatching up his prize from Sentinel Prime's smoking body after a leadership dispute that left both parties deceased, he and the Matrix disappeared into the vast, lonely corridors of Cybertron for vorns. In the chest of the aging Autobot, the Matrix fumed at the unsuitability of its current host, literally twisting and distorting Alpha Trion's physical frame until the aged Autobot was a bent over wretched thing that survived on cunning and stolen energon. When he was finally abandoned by the Matrix for a new host, Alpha Trion was left a wrecked shade of his former self, forced to serve the being who had usurped his place, the Lord Optimus Prime.