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Thiokol 1300 Swamp Spryte amphibious ATV



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Autobots, Terracons





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Anchorbait is a fanonical Decepticon from the fiction A New Threat Emerges. He is small, compact, and loaded to the hilt with bursts of energy. He becomes very exciteable in battle, often blasting everything and everyone in his wake. With his psychotic energy, he makes a reliable Saboteur and ally as part of the Decepticons.

" Yea! Take out the scraps! Hehehaah!"


He may be small, but he's loaded with energy waiting to burst in any moment. Within battle he bursts into pure psychotic energy as he fires at anything and anyone. He also becomes excited when he over hears the mentioning of a possible killing of a human. Yet he is the one to receive more slaps to the back of the head than any of the other decepticons for his energetic bursts.


<-"Ahh!" Brent fell back as he backed away, a shrill scream escaping him as he looked up at the decepticons.

"What are you freaks!?"

"You idiot, that aint the human Terrance." Onslaught saved Rickshaw the trouble of backhanding Anchorbait. Anchorbait growled, looking up at Onslaught while he held his head.

"Time to terminate the insect before Rickshaw finds out." Onslaught spoke out as his arm transformed into a laser misile aimed at Brent.

"Oh yes, Squish the bug!" Anchorbait delightfully cackled as he energetically bounced at Onslaught's side.

"Or better yet," A new voice spoke up as a taller decepticon approached the duo. The three looked towards the new voice as he approached.

"Use him to get to the human Terrance. Afterall, these fleshlings stick up for each other like Autobots."

"Good idea Relapse." Anchorbait grins eagerly only to get thwacked again, but this time by Relapse himself.

"But ofcourse you simple minded fool. Why else do you think I'm the tactics engineer?" ->

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Though he is exciteable in battle, when worse comes to worse he tucks himself out of the way of battle, hiding out till he can easily fight without fear of damage. He, in a sense can be a coward at times.

<-Movement began to shuffle around rubble as the Terracon unit emerged. Yet, it wasn't unscathed as sparks flew from it's dislocated shoulder. The only thing holding it on were wires.

"Do you think?" Timeshift turned towards Blockade as he nodded.

"They shut down the generators." He looked towards his remaining comrades and nodded.

"What are we waitin for? Let's take these tin men down!" Jetlag twirled his twin pistols before he began to pelt the injured one with energon bullets as Anchorbait leaped out of his hiding spot.

"Yea! Take out the scraps! Hehehaah!" He began to laugh insanely as he too began to pelt the Terracons with energy blasts. Without hesitation, the autobots joined in on the target practice. ->

This work is copyrighted. The individual who uploaded this work asserts that this qualifies as fair use of the material under United States copyright law.