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Behind the Scenes:

She's not in exactly any of my Eras, or Universes. I just put her as "(PrimalTheGreat)" merely because she exists, and she also uses some things in my canon, like how I don't use Optimus as leader.

She also does that weird Anime thing (the overused Magical Girl archetype, though I hate archetypes because they're all overused, like the shy girl archetype)


Notably Mythological and Biblical creatures. (Like Mythicon, as he only transforms into Mythological things, but yeah)

She also has some beast modes (like a Dragonfly for her, and a creature the size of a German shepherd)., and she transforms into a Car, and a Motorcycle.


Frequently switches.


A staff, a Sword, also some firearms.





Color Scheme:

Two-tone purple (Like a light purple and a lighter purple)

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