The Archaicons are a cult-like group of Transformers dedicated to worshipping Unicron, from the Transformers: Extinction fanon.


Although they have no formal allegiance to the Deceptions or their cause, their martial pride, instilled in them by the noble templar Misanthropy, their leader, and his twisted honour system, keep them fighting alongside the soldiers and heroes with whom they have carved bloody swathes through the Autobot ranks. Despite their valour and honour, their true mission does not strike many as being one of a noble standing - Misanthropy seeks one thing and one thing only. Having been created by Unicron, and shown the World Eater's true god-like power, he has founded a cult worshipping the God Unicron. Though his followers are few and sparsely scattered, their belief and Misanthropy's extreme indoctrination practices have turned them all into efficient killing machines in the name of their lord. However, Misanthropy has developed a hatred for the universe that has rejected the Chaos Bringer, and wishes only one thing upon it - annhilation. To this end, he has spent every resource available to him to track down the scattered parts of Unicron's material body in order to revive the physical form of his god. If he continues unchecked, it is only a matter of time before he succeeds, and this reality is finally consumed. In the eyes of Misanthropy, however, it is not a quest for destruction, but for peace - in this world of sound and fury, he believes, the only purity to be found is found in nothinngess.

Alliance with the Havocons

In recent years, the Archaicons have renewed their ties to Misanthropy's former life in Vos, and have allied themselves with the Havocons, a fledgling faction growing in numbers, who were once led by the future Archaicon. The unit has all but disappeared, with most of its members adopting the faction's iconography and traditional blue flourishes of colour. However, the agenda proposed by the Havocons, one of socialist revolution, seems at odds with the aims of the Archaicons - leaving one to ponder their exact motives in aiding this embittered army.

Current Members

Past Members

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