Blazer Prime, executive officer of the Autobot Spartans

Blazer Prime is a member of the Autobot Spartans and commanding officer of the Autobot crusier Elysian Gynru in the Transformers: The New Age fanon.

"Let's bust some heads!"
—Blazer Prime


Blazer Prime serves as Second-in-Command for the Autobot Spartans as well as their Chief of Military Operations. He was also the Commanding Officer of the Elysian Gynru, the Autobot crusier that was sent to find the Ark after crash-landing on Earth. He transforms into a modified fire truck.


Blazer Prime was the commanding officer of the Elysian Gynru, the ship that was sent to find the Ark about a million years after it launched. Strong, passionate, and intelligent, Blazer is a model leader. When Maximus Prime found the ship and reactivated the crew, Blazer did not like the idea of some stranger taking command of his crew and himself. But when Maximus revealed that he was carrying the Matrix of Leadership, Blazer Prime grudgingly handed over command to Maximus. He was apprehensive at first, but after their first battle together and seeing what kind of warrior and leader Maximus Prime was, Blazer Prime accepted Optimus' decision and reconciled with his new commander. Maximus embraced Blazer Prime as a brother and appointed him as his second-in-command. With his skills and attitude, Blazer Prime is not the Autobot to get angry.


Blazer Prime is an exceptional warrior, trained in various forms of hand-to-hand combat, skilled in ranged combat, he even has limited repair skills. His vehicle mode is a specially modified fire truck, mounted with a large water cannon and a extendable ladder, both of which double as large blaster cannons in either mode, and a fully functional flight system. This combination of speed and power make Blazer Prime exceptionally deadly. In robot mode he is armed with the two blaster cannons on his back as well as automatic pulse blasters on his forearms. He is also capable of flight in robot mode.


Ironically, Blazer Prime is known for having a firey temper. He is very passionate about what he does, but sometimes he lets his feelings go too far. He has compromised several missions in the past for emotional outburst in the heat of battle. He is learning from Revver how to control his rage and to be more calm and collected.

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