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Around 65,987 years old

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Assault vehicle


Male Programming



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Team Thrull


Autobots, anything he hates




"Godless Killing Machine"

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"I slagging hate everything."

Bonecrusher is a Transformer that can be described with one word: Hate. Bonecrusher hates this wiki. Bonecrusher hates the fact that his toy is so big. Bonecrusher even hates amusingly appropriate Avril Lavigne quotes. Basically Bonecrusher hates everything and everyone, particularly buses, and lives for the day when all of creation is crushed and destroyed beneath his feet. If anyone tries to befriend him (with the possible exception of folks from Powell Motors), he will have nothing to do with them. His overwhelming anger and hatred extends even to his fellow Decepticons, including Scourge himself. Only fear of Scourge keeps him on their side. Plus, he really hates the Autobots.

Were you to ask if there was anything he didn't hate, he might tell you that he hates it when people ask that. More likely, though, he'd just grind your torso into a fine powder. The hatred of Bonecrusher isn't a quiet, brooding, sulking, thing nor a whiny emo sort of hate. His hatred is of the explosive, violently psychotic sort, and the only thing that soothes his twisted spark is to sneer at the mangled remains of those he destroyed.

He transforms into some sort of armored troop transport. It is made exclusively in Florida and the drivers routinely use it to drive to the local Burger Bot. He hates drivers, the armored troop transport, the drive-thrus, and Florida. He loves cheeseburgers, however.


Bonecrusher (Supreme, 200?)

  • Bonecrusher is a satisfyingly large toy, befitting his character. Still, he hates the toy, and the fact that it's an exclusive. He also hates the fact that it has no electronics, but he would hate electronics, too, so it evens out. Finally, he hates it when grubby kids play with it, and when obnoxious collectors put it on display. He hates his gimmicks, which include his arms, which unfold to become longer for grabbing his enemies, and his back kibble, which rotates downwards so that the calws on his back can go over his shoulders. He hates that, but he does kind of like grabbing Autobots and stabbing them with his back-claws.


  • Bonecrusher hates you. Yeah, you. You know who you are. Don't try to pretend you don't know, either. Bonecrusher hates ignorance. And pie.