Boomer is a Decepticon in Transformers:Aftermath. He is the strongest and has the highest firepower of the crew. He is very loyal, and a remorseless killer. His greatest rival is Fortress, and the two have a long history of trying to kill each other.

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M1 Abrams w/TUSK





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Autobots, Mutants, Extermicons


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Boomer was a great fighter back on Cybertron, known as one of the most destructive Decepticons. He trained under Brawl and Wreckage at some point, and had great respect for the former. He followed Whiplash to his new assignment on the Empire 1 without a second thought. In Book 1, he landed in the desert near a National Guard base. He was attacked by F-22s, and scanned an M1 Abrams for defense. In Book 2, he attacks the Autobots on I-15, before Fortress defeats him by twisting his cannon. The backfire causes him critical damage. He later escaped from a semi-truck, announcing that it was time to "BUST SOME HEADS!"


Boomer is extremely durable, able to withstand incredible force before being damaged. He is also quite strong, and able to destroy a small building in a single punch. He is armed primarily with a 4-barreled 37mm cannon on his left arm. He has a gatling gun on his right arm that fires 1200 sonic shells per minute. He is also armed with missile launchers on his shoulders. For melee combat he is armed with mono-molecular Ripper blades, able to slice through any armor. He later acquires a railgun able to shoot through a skyscraper at close range. This weapon gets more powerful the longer it travels, and can destroy an entire city block from 2 miles away. Very few can survive a single shot from the railgun, Fortress being one of those few, albeit barely. Boomer is rather slow, with a top speed of 60 mph on road, and 40 mph off-road. He is also not too bright, and doesn't much care if his comrades are hit by his own guns.


Boomer is tan, with red eyes. He looks similar to Brawl.

Behind the scenes

Boomer shares a similar design to Movie Brawl. He does not have the second turret, however, and his main weapons are on the opposite arms. He also has Ripper blades on both arms.