Bumblebee is the youngest, smallest, and least immature of the Autobots. He seems to have some sort of crush on Arcee.



When Bumblebee was a baby, he was watched, and looked after, by his older brother, Cliffjumper. One day, the Autobot Windcharger informed Baby Bumblebee and Cliffjumper that their parents died from Megatron. Cliffjumper was soon killed by Megatron, but Bumblebee was saved from him by Optimus Prime. When he was 8, Bumblebee ended up inside of Unicron, along with Galvatron. Galvatron had the Matrix with him, so he tried to attack him. The Matrix soon lit, as Bumblebee became Beeimus Prime, turning Galvatron back into Megatron, along with killing Unicron. Soon when Optimus and Magnus were brought back to life, Beeimus handed the Matrix back to Optimus, becoming Bumblebee agian. He even got kissed on the cheak by Arcee! AAWWWW!!

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