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Cantanker Prime
Biographical information

Planet Cybertron

Physical description
Alternate Mode

Custom Tank





Sensor color


Personal information

Felance, the Swordibots




Former Autobot Faction Leader


Former leader of the Swordibot Autobots

Chronological and political information

Mission City Era


Swordibot Autobots

"I intend to exercise our right to bear arms."
—Cantanker Prime

Cantanker Prime was the Swordicon leader of the Swordibot Autobots. Cantanker was given the Matrix of Leadership because he had a mold in his chest in the shape of the Matrix (however this was due to extended contact and remaining in close proximity with said Matrix), and because the rest felt that he was best suited for the job.

As leader, Cantanker lead the good fight against the arch-enemies of the Swordibot Autobots, being the dastardly Decepticons.

Cantanker possessed an incredible amount of knowledge and plenty of spunk which was a vital aid to his role as Swordicon Leader. With this knowledge, he was able to create complex battle plans and make decisions that have based on the reality of the situation.

Japanese name: Breakout Convoy (while holding the Prime helm), Breakout (after giving it to Felance)


In robot mode, Cantanker Prime wields the great Barrel Lance, which can fire missiles from its tip and function as a sword.

Cantaker Prime carried the Swordibto Matrix of Leadership in his chest. However, after becoming malfunctional, unable to cease constant transformation between Vehicle and Robot modes, he transfered the Matrix to a fellow Swordicon, Felance, transforming Cantanker Prime into Cantank and Felance into Felancer Prime.

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