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Insect 5
Chop Shop is a decepticon in g1

Sneakiest of the Insecticons ... if it's not bolted to the floor, it's not safe from his greedy grasp. No challenge is too great; the more difficult something is to steal, the more he wants to steal it. As insect, flies 30mph with two small jets on his back. Pincer-like antennae can slice through 2-inch thick steel. Has twin pinpoint lasers on mouth; can carry 30 tons. As robot has photon cannon.

Strength: 7.0
Intelligence: 8.0
Speed: 5.0
Endurance: 5.0
Rank: 6.0
Courage: 7.0
Firepower: 6.0
Skill: 10.0
Total: 54



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