Back to the future of Cybertron.

Chronoflux comes from the distant future on Cybertron. Very little is known about him since all records on him won't even exist for several thousands of years. What is known is he was part of the Temporal Guard which was created when time travel became a common means of travel. It was the Temporal Guards duty to maintain the temporal shift's balance, and to keep Cybertron safe from those who would use time travel as a means for conquering. However, one of their own guards ended up betraying them to a Transformer known as Demonic Knight, who used time travel to change the past and crown himself Emperor over Cybertron and the Universe.

Tracing the temporal changes back, Chronoflux was the only one to survive the slaughter and arrived in the past to assist the Autobots of today in defeating Demonic Knight. After having fallen in battle it was believed that Chronoflux was dead. However, due to the temporal paradoxes that existed at the time it kept Chronoflux from actually dying. Phasing through time, the sonic rifts of the space time continuum healed his wounds and the spark reignited within his shell once more.

Deciding that it was best to no longer interfere with the time line of the Autobots, and Demonic Knight having been defeated he decided his services were required other places. Feeling he had changed too much for home he decided to explore time and space. On a recent adventure he located an object of tremendous temporal power. Before he could discover its true nature it disappeared. Tracing its signal he followed it to a place he never thought to return to..the present time with the Autobots. Now he rejoins Optimus and the rest once more to continue the fight and learn the secrets of the temporal cube.

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