Many collectors will note the odd variants that plagued the early years of Transformers. Whole websites are devoted to "Red Bumblebee" and "Yellow Cliffjumper," but oddly, few tell the tale of the rarest of all Bumblebee variants, the infamous "Clear Stabby Bumblebee."

Rather than the appropriate Bumblebee figure, "CSB" appears to be a hypodermic needle jammed forcibly into a plastic bubble, and then sealed on a Red Bumblebee card.

To this date, only three have ever been found, and one of them, reportedly, even came with an odd brown liquid. What the significance of this liquid could be, is anyone's guess; But one thing is certain: This is considered to be the rarest Transformer toy of all time. In 1998, a "CSB W/OBL MOC" sold for $10,000 to an undisclosed collector.

Unlike his cousins, CSB is probably not the work of Hasbro getting rid of Diaclone overstock. Why Hasbro would choose to include such a rare variant in such limited release, is a mystery to this day. Strangely, very little information exists on this figure, and Hasbro seems to become uncomfortable when questioned further.

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