Cretae is a member of Gothika Mortiis in the Transformers: Extinction fanon.

"The pain I felt that day, will be inflicted tenfold upon you."


Cretae is an enigma within his unit, with only one member of the team knowing of his origins. However, this does not matter to the team as he has proved himself a valuable member time and time again.

Pretender Upgrade

Cretae was in fact created by Vitae Mortis as one of his experiments; he wished to create a living weapon to be used by the team. When he had completed the protoform, he and Cretae traveled to a research facility where the famous Thunderwing was waiting for them. Thunderwing wished to turn Cretae into a Pretender, like him. Vitae agreed to this, on one condition, there was to be no anaesthetic to be used as the twisted surgeon wished to record the effects the procedure had on transformers.


Thunderwing agreed to this and began the procedure, all the while with Cretae screaming at the top of his vocal processors, and had attached the gorilla shell onto Cretae’s hulking form when the pain proved too much for the Decepticon’s circuit boards, snapping his sanity to the point he went into a berserker fury. Snapping free of his restraints, the maddened Cretae went throughout the complex rending and destroying anything, and anyone, he came across. When he finally calmed down, the complex was in flames, and ruins.

Vitae was the first person to find him, which was lucky for Cretae as Thunderwing was baying for his head for destroying his research facility, and he persuaded Cretae to leave the planet before Thunderwing found them both.

Current Activities

Since their return, Cretae has been used as a shock trooper by the team, making the most of his natural strength and resilience. He works best when used in tandem with Castigatron to assault fortifications, infiltrating them through the breaches the siege specialist makes. He retains his berserker fury, and it takes but an instant of pain to enter it as he is reminded of the pain and suffering he endured during the Pretender procedure. While in this fury, he gains a massive boost to his strength and resilience, being able to endure wounds that down him in his normal state.

Unfortunately for Cretae, and to a lesser extent the rest of the team, Thunderwing is still hunting for Cretae, and he will stop only when he has his vengeance or is destroyed.

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