Cyclonus 003

You! Down in front !


When Megatron was left for dead in the depths of space with a few other of his troops,they were found by Unicron and reformatted into Galvatron,Cyclonus and Scourge.Cyclonus was ethier Skywarp or Bombshell.But Cyclonus' creation is more complex,he is actually a fusion of Prowl and Starscream's sparks (Prowl's from the Alternators alternate story arc for G1 and Starscream's spark that has been time traveling) "Skywarp" and "Bombshell" are actually a generic Seeker and an Insecticlone.This Cyclonus is the one that acts like Prowl,but evil.And yes there are two Cyclonuses or Cycloni.


Henkai Cyclonus (2008)w/Nightstick

The Japanese version of Cyclonus is the accurate version of Cyclonus from G1.

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