Not your average housecat

Daggerjaw is as much a mystery to himself as he is too his allies. He cannot remember anything before being found outside Cybertron City, damaged and barely functional. This has caused him to develop a rather morose side, which he has a tendency to overcompensate for with dry and overly sarcastic humour. He has made some progress however, developing a friendship with several of the Autobots, although he has yet to allow any to really get to know him. He feels he has a very good reason for this; he thinks he is protecting them. On several occasions, his emotional state has triggered a kind of blind rage, where he lashes out at anyone or anything around him. Add the fact he feels something grow inside each time he loses control, and it's not hard to understand why he prefers being associates to being friends.


Cybertron City

War begins again

Time with Shadow's Autobots

Capture and Reformatting

Powers and Abilities

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