Dalek 076s

"All Transformers are the enemy of the Daleks!"

A Dalek is a kind of cybernetic creature that was discovered on the distnat planet Skaro. Apparently, they used to be similar in appearance to humans. But, as a result of repeated exposure to radiation as part of a grand "experiment" initiated by one of Skaro's greatest scientists, the people of Skaro slowly degenerated into squid-like bodies. They then transplanted themselves into mobile life support units that contained onboard computers, scanners and were equipped with a single death ray. The same scientists that developed these beings soon began calling the individual units "Daleks." However, the creatures turned on their creator and began taking over Skaro. Since then, the Daleks have been synonomous with chaos, destruction and terror.

Furthermore, a Time Lord called the Doctor is very concerned about them. Meanwhile, another Time Lord whose name is "the Master" was an ally to the Daleks at one time.

The Daleks are somehow associated with the word "exterminate".


  • The Daleks are one of the main enemies of the title character of the long-running British sci-fi program, Doctor Who.
  • Somebody named "Octus"(?) supposedly transforms into a Dalek!
  • These creatures have somehow found their way into the Transformers multiverse. For example, the Dalekcons are Transformers that have scanned the outer shell of a Dalek and taken it as their alternate forms.

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