The symbol of the Deceptikuta.

Political information

General Grievous

Current leader


Notable members

Brotherhood of Makuta, Decepticons, Confederacy of Independent Systems


East Cybertron


Cybertron, Coruscant

Societal information
Formed from

November 27thth, 2009

Historical information
Formed from

November 27thth, 2009

Date of foundation

December 1st, 2009


Makuta, Decepticons, Emperor Palpatine



The Deceptikuta is an alliance of Decepticons and Makuta that has ties to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. On November 27th, 2009, General Grievous secretly met with Teridax and Megatron to propose a mutiny against the Autobots on the Decepticons' part and the United Villages, Piraka, Dark Hunters, Barraki, Rock Tribe, Sand Tribe, Baterra, Sisters of the Skrall, and Element Lords on Teridax's part. The secret alliance proved useless, for soon, the Autotoa alliance formed. The alliance went public on December 1st.

The Devastator Issue

Devastator, as we know, is formed of seven, sometimes six, Constructicons. Well, since Scavenger had joined the Brotherhood of the Bee, Devastator could not be formed. Dirt Boss suggested Demolishor take his place, but turned it down, for he was not adapted to combiner technology. Now, the Deceptikuta had no ultimate weapon and had to come to Grievous for help. Grievous agreed to be their new ultimate weapon, but only if he were to become Decepticon general. This was agreed to, making Grievous 4th in command, behind Emperor Palpatine, Starscream, and Megatron. As a gift, he was given the remaining six Devastator Constructicons (since there were others besides) to do his bidding.

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