James McCullen XXII

From the secret files of the G.I. Joe adventure team:

Adventure file #00051: “The case of the NAZIS FROM MARS!!”

Secret intelligence reports smuggled out of Nazi Germany showed Hitler’s army being equipped with weaponry that was literally out of this world! Disintegration rays, rocket packs, and hover-craft! Weaponry from beyond the realm of the imagination, all being sold to the Nazi army by visitors from another planet! The Adventure team was sent to investigate. We quickly discovered that the mysterious “M.A.R.S.” was actually a space-age weapon development program, and their leader “Destro” was in fact James McCullen XXII, a Scottish scientist and arms dealer who wore a silver mask to obtain his other worldly appearance. After a heated battle against the space age Nazis and Destro’s personal troops, the weaponry had to be destroyed in order to save American lives. Destro himself was killed in the battle by The Land Adventurer, when he was thrown from a clock tower, and impaled on a flag pole bearing the American flag. Our top scientists are working on ways to reverse-engineer Destro’s weaponry, but have had no luck so far. Rest assured, we’ve heard the last of them of these little green men.

Mike Triumph, Adventure Team Commander -September 18th, 1942


James McCullen XXIV

Current Destro. Head of M.A.R.S., Grandson to James McCullen XXII. Associated with COBRA. Article goes HERE. Someone make it happen. WorkInProgress