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Blue 2001 Toyota Supra





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Light blue

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Decepticons, Mechannibals, ricers


Melee fighter



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"You Decepticreeps may have fancy weaponry, but when your ammo runs out you'll have to answer to my FISTS!"


Trained in the ancient Cybertronian martial art of Crystalocution, circumstances beyond his control forced the young Autobot Detour to forego his apprenticeship before he could learn the more advanced and fatal techniques of the art. Prior to his assignment on Earth, Detour had known very little beside the unending conflicts between the Autobots and Decepticons. The relative peace and calm of Earth drew him in instantly. He fell in love with many new and unknown aspects of life on Earth, most of all Terran music, which is like nothing he heard before on his war-torn homeworld. In his spare time (an almost alien concept in and of itself) he enjoys training in hand-to-hand combat with other skilled Autobots, racing on empty streets or absorbing Earth's native culture.


While Detour never completed his Crystalocution training, he remains a very quick, strong and agile fighter. He is always working to improve his techniques, and his love of Earth's "kung-fu flicks" has aided him in melding Cybertronian and Terran martial arts into a unique and surprising combat form. His primary weapon is a multi-functional staff programmed to function in a variety of forms including a bo staff, nunchakus, twin tonfas or two escrima sticks. He also carries a chain whip tipped with a Solitarium ball. In addition, he can transfer heat directly into his fists to amplify his punches, or launch them from his forearms for greater range. In vehicle mode, he can reach speeds up to 200MPH.


Detour, as his name would imply, has absolutely no sense of direction. Let him loose alone in a new environment, even with directions, and he'll inevitably get lost. Absent-mindedness leaves him clumsy and accident-prone. While courageous, is not inspirational and does not have strong leadership potential. His short attention span makes him likely to go off on tangents during discussions. His long-range weaponry is limited to a seldom used laser rifle. Extensive use of his burning fists can cause his internal systems to overheat.


  • Strength - 6
  • Intelligence - 4
  • Speed - 9
  • Endurance - 7
  • Rank - 2
  • Courage - 7
  • Firepower - 2
  • Skill - 8

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