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Biographical information


Physical description
Alternate Mode

Saleen S281 Police Pursuit Car



Sensor color


Personal information

Gunfighter, Former Peacekeeper

Chronological and political information

Empire City Era



"Guns may not be friendly, but they solve a slagging lot of problems"


Even by the loose standards one associates with female Transformers, Double-Tap isn't particularly feminine. In both modes, her bodywork is pitted and battered and her paint scraped, showing signs of many hard years and innumerous battles. Her mannerisms also don't fit with what people expect of a female Autobot. Bad-tempered, she has a harsh and cynical demeanor and a need to put down or complain about whatever may be going on around her. She always expects the worst to happen and sees the worst in others, regardless of species or allegiance. And she swears. A lot.

Besides her battered frame, Double-Tap's most distinctive feature is her voice. She seems to spend a lot of time talking, reeling off lengthy insults or put-downs or constantly commenting on the situation around her. That she possesses a thick Nebulan accent only makes her more distinctive. While she is argumentative and does not get along well with others, however, Double-Tap is still a good mechanoid. She will willingly throw herself into the line of fire to protect the innocent and those less powerful then herself.

Or, as she once put it. "I am an Autobot. I will follow the Autobot cause until my last drop of fuel. And besides, the other guys are total slagging tools."


Double-Tap is one of the best gunfighters in the galaxy, a claim that she will vigorously deny. However, many Decepticons would disagree with her, having been in the path of her dual Heavy Energon Pistols as she opens up. Fast moving and furious, she will keep in motion while blazing away with a weapon in each hand. Even while in motion she is a capable shot, however when accuracy fails her sheer volume of fire will more then make up for that.

What fire she doesn't evade with her erratic movements, she soaks up instead; her frame is well armoured and very resilient, allowing her to take a lot of abuse before shutting down. However, this ability can be her greatest weakness. Because of her personality and fighting style, Double-Tap often ends up working alone, cut off form support and backup. This will often result in her being put into a lot more danger then is strictly necessary, and her taking more damage than a less independent-minded mechanoid would.

Due to an old injury, Double-Tap's right optical sensor is damaged and cannot be repaired. This injury doesn't seem to have affected her capabilties, however.


Vehichle mode

Behind the Scenes

  • Even though her car mode looks a lot like Barricade's, her robot mode doesn't at all. And yes, I know it makes no sense. But work with me.
  • So yeah, think a John Woo-style gunfighter. Only a gal. And a giant robot. What?!

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