Born from a Decepticon attempt to discredit the Autobots, Drakan is a powerful, and extremely twisted individual. His personality was created by Daggerjaw's Feral Program years ago, and when Ultimate Jazz attempted to insert a shell program, Drakan took his chance and reformatted Daggerjaw's body, trapping the autobot mind in the process. Finally free, Drakan has allied himself with the Decepticons. It is, however, just a marriage of convenience. The Decepticons don't trust him, and he regards them as simply a means of the desires of the Feral Program; total destruction, on a universal scale. Should a better opportunity arise, he'll take it and run, leaving a line of corpses behind.

Sadistic to the point of insanity, Drakan has a fascination with pain. He can, given the chance, torment a victim for hours on end, just to observe the reaction. This is partly due to his sick personality, and partly due to jealousy. He resents the Cybertronian ability to make choices as to their goals, while he is, regardless of his personality or actions, will forever find himself falling back on the Feral Program that created.

Drakan is currently working within the Decepticon ranks, constantly attempting to wrong foot those around him, and gathering as much data as he can to begin what he sees as his destiny. While none trust him, few suspect him of anything more then malice.


The Feral Program

For full details see Feral Program


Within The Decepticons

Powers and abilites

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