Drillbit is a predacon in the Beast era

Profile: Drill Bit is the right-hand bot to Magmatron. In his quest for power, he sees himself as second in command, but there is no second to Magmatron's rule. Magmatron only keeps him close because he is a capable soldier, a follower who would never think for himself. On Cybertron, Drill Bit was a drill-tank, capable of quickly boring tunnels to the lower levels where he siphoned power from the generators used to power the planet itself. Drill Bit chose the locations for the secret underground meetings and spread the word to anyone angry with the Maximal Imperium, the ruling council of Cybertron, to show up at these meetings. He shows incredible determination when given a task, thinking he could further his status in Magmatron's new Predacon empire. He is very protective of his liege, Magmatron, and guards him like an object that could be stolen by the enemy. He would gladly attack any bot, no matter their size, if it were ordered by Magmatron. On Earth, Drill Bit has taken the form of an boll weevil and lives underground in a subterranean series of twisting tunnels that go straight to the planet's center, where molten lava mixed with energon crystals fuels his constant thirst for more power. He can dig his way up through the ground to surprise the Maximals when they least expect it. He loves to confront the enemy at any opportunity, even when doing so would jeopardize his mission. He operates on instinct most of the time, leaving the thinking part to Magmatron.

Abilities: His diamond tipped titanium alloy destruction drill can bore through anything, even the Maximal's latest high-tech battle armor.

Weaknesses: Drill Bit possesses no long-range weapons, just a drill which can only be used during close-range fighting. Also, he lacks the ability to strategize independently and requires outside direction.

Strength 7
Intelligence 5
Speed 4
Endurance 5
Courage 7
Rank 5
Firepower 1
Skill 5
Total 39




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