Production information

Hfil Shipyards


Winged Minibus of Doom Class

Technical specifications

700 meters (approx)

Engine unit(s)

3 ThrustMaster Overdrives

Hyperdrive system

Magenta Vortex Drive

Power output


Power plant

Cosmic Gas Refinery System

  • Multiple Doombunny Cannons
  • Atomic Hairball Launchers
  • KirdyDump Projectors
  • Blue Flame Cannons
  • Numerous spikey bits
Other systems
  • Steses Pods
  • Repair systems
  • Vintage video game console
  • Throne

Flagship, Carrier, Terror weapon


Bored Fish era


Predacons, Customercons


The Dynamite is a Winged Minibus of Doom-class battleship and the personal flagship of Napoletron, the Emperor of Destrucity.

One of the most powerful warships ever built, the Dynamite was designed to specifications laid out by Napoletron himself. He envisaged a ship that would be able to defeat any opponent it faced, one who's very presence would strike fear and terror into its foes. To his mind, a ship that could win a battle without firing a single shot would be just as effective as one that could win a battle by obliterating anything it faced. Of course, a ship that could do both would be better still.

To accomplish this aim, the ship was equipped with every technological innovation that the Shipyards could cram into it. In order to power its systems, the warship was built around a Cosmic Gas Collection system similar to that used by Lilitron, giving it an incredible power output. The system was then used to power the advanced Magenta Vortex Drive, which allowed it to instantaneously cross incredibly long distances so it could give the impression of being an omnipotent terror. Finally, the ship was given numerous advanced and deadly weapons systems, which would allow it to crush any foe.

Beyond acting as a battleship, the Dynamite also serves as Napoletron's home, the heart of his empire of terror. From the ship, using its extensive command and control systems, he is able to direct battles and lead wars of conquest. To aid in this role, he had a very ominous - but very comfortable - throne installed in the peak of the ship's tallest spire. Only a select handful are permitted to visit it, Lilitron key amongst them. (Which means that Arbitrary Autobots regularly sneak in, eat the food and leave).

Possibly the most radical feature of the Dynamite is that, given the quality of other starships from the Hfil shipyards, it actually works and is yet to explode. The name does seem to be oddly ominous, however.

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