This story happened during the 20 year gap of the G1 series.The year was 1989 when this story took place.


Autobots:Optimus Prime,Ace,Grimlock,Slag,Sludge,Swoop,Snarl,Hot Rod,Skyshot,Drillblast,Perceptor

Decepticons:Megatron,Beatback,Fallout,Scavenger,Scour,Bug Bite,Starscream,Skywarp


New York,2nd September 1989.

The Autobots score another victory on the Decepticons when the Dinobots and the Autobot stike force that were in New York spot an object fall right out of the sky.Perceptor managed to examine the falling object,a mysterious space pod.Perceptor who recognize the pod told Prime that the space pod is from Garion-9,a Cybertronian space colony where Perceptor and a few Autobots lived but was destroyed by Decepticons.Optimus,fearing that the space pod may contain a Decepticon, has ordered Drillblast,Skyshot and Hot Rod to the potential crash site in the Hudson River.Megatron,who listened in on the transmission,ordered Beatback,Fallout,Bugbite,Starscream and Skywarp to the aforementioned spot.The pod had already crashed in the Hudson River.The impact of the crash almost destroyed the harbour.The Autobots have reached the site and prepared to dive in under water,unaware that the Decepticons were lurking.They found the pod and found out that the pod has a Autobot insignia on it.Hot Rod contacted Optimus to send in some muscle(and by muscle I mean the Dinobots.) to move the pod out of the river while Drillblast and Skyshot check the pod to see if there is anyone in it.Suddenly,something fly out of the pod and the Autobots are suprised.Starscream,who took advantage of the stuation,ordered the Decepticons to open fire at the Autobots.The something that fly out of the pod is actually a Skyspy started to scan multiple vehicles including Screamer's alternate mode,a tank,a Porshe 925 Turbo and a wolf at a nearby zoo.Meanwhile,the Autobots who were getting outnumbered by the Decepticons are on the ropes when suddenly something came out of the pod.

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