Eon is a Decepticon warrior who isn't very find of Starscream. Eon is older than Megatron, but not as old as The Fallen. Eon has custom-made weapons at his aresenal. He has a chainsaw-type weapon, two rocket launchers, and several machine guns. He transforms into a B-2 Spirit bomber. With his vehicle of choice he rivals Starscream in power. He was ordered to stay with the other Decepticons while Megatron went after the Allspark. After he went missing and Starscream and the other transformers went to Earth, Eon remained there. Until he recieved a message from, Blackout. The message requested that Eon should come to Earth. He arrived on Earth before the battle in Harmony City took place. While searching for Megatron or Blackout he spotted in Autobot rival, Shark Tooth. He and Eon battled until Starscream arrived. Starscream killed Shark Tooth. In anger, Eon pursued Starscream for taking his kill. Megatron came out of Hoover Dam before Starscream could end Eon's life. Instead he left him and went to Megatron. Which led to "I live to serve you, Lord Megatron." "Where is the Cube?" "The humans have taken it." "You fail me yet again Starscream. Get them!" After that Megatron and Starscream raced to Harmony City. When Eon recovered he saw that the battle had ended. He saw Barricade damaged, but still alive. Eon asked him where Starscream and the Allspark was and Barricade told them that it was destroyed. Eon was enraged. He became even angrier when he found out where Starscream was. He followed Starscream's trail and found him on Mars. There he failed to catch him and the rest of the Decepticons. He did find however a group of Autobots still there. Three were dead, one escaped, and the other was still active. He found Cliffjumper. He saw that Cliffjumper was severly damaged and asked him to help him. Eon ignored his cry for help and instead decapitated him. He continued to follow Starscream to Cybertron. For now, his fate is unkown.

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