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Planet Cybertron

Physical description
Alternate Mode

White 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback



Sensor color


Personal information

Leo Prime, Ragtag, Anacol, Brander, Supernova, Algatron, Greywing






Synth whip, plasma cannon formed from right hand

Chronological and political information

Transformers: Justice, Bolts, and Gears



"I don't look before I leap; he who hesitates is lost."

To call Etaoin "brash" is like calling the Fallen "grumpy." Etaoin is not much for foresight. As a matter of fact, were it not for Ragtag, Etaoin probably wouldn't be in the shape he's in (namely, online). Thankfully, Etaoin's a killer battler. His quick moves on the battlefield and long ranged weapons make him a force to be reckoned with. His greatest strength, however, is arguably his persuasive abilities. As a matter of fact, it was he who managed to assemble the Kibukuth's crew and get them off Cybertron and after Prime.

Etaoin's main consort is Ragtag, who does his best to keep the young bot under control. However, he's also been known to cavort with Algatron, the crew's resident screwball.


From almost the day he was protoformed, Etaoin's hero was Sentinel Prime. The young bot idolized him. However, as Etaoin grew older, he began to realize being Prime was not all it was cracked up to be. Were he to become Prime, he'd have to face off against men so evil they took their names from the one who betrayed Primus himself. He'd have to command armies of bots, and not always ones that were happy to serve him. He decided he was happy as he was. He still admired Sentinel, but didn't want to become like him anymore. He settled himself down for a while. He soon befriended an old hermit named Ragtag, and the two of them had a decidedly interesting life.

Eventually, the Great War reached a peak, and Sentinel's even greater successor, Optimus Prime, left the planet with some of his Autobot brethren. This was all well and good, until the Nemesis boarded it. Etaoin decided to gather a team to follow after them and help. Ragtag, with nothing else to do, went with him. Together, they assembled Leo Prime, a time-displaced veteran of a war that hasn't happened yet, Anacol, a malformed protoform with control over rarified energon, Brander, a world-class muffler who's an expert fighter, Supernova, a walking arsenal, Algatron, a complete nutcase, and Greywing, a former Decepticon Seeker and an ace pilot, as well as locate and repair a ship, and pursued the Ark and the Nemesis, not knowing that they, too, were pursued by a Decepticon ship.


  • Etaoin was named after and based on a character from a now-abandoned less serious version of Transformers (which was based on the Movie franchise) by the same author.
  • His creator says that his ideal voice for Etaoin would be Liam O'Brien, who previously worked on Transformers as Air Raid and Cyclonus in War for Cybertron.