Findie Prime

Fez Findie Prime is the leader of the Autobots of Fez Findie country. He attempted to be an ambassador to DOOMPRIME'S country, but the fact that he's mean didn't help.

He's a jerk.

Findie Prime has been the leader of Fez Findie country ever since after the war which ravaged Fez Finide country horribly ended but little did he know that the leadership job he was about to take would become the major pain in the butt that will haunt him for his entire life.

During the many years of his rule along with Megatron he has done soo many things that will make one think he's a very jerky Autobot. He ran down Lego kids with no mercy, he threw octopuses at kids and plotholes (resulting in another comic suffering), shouted at everyone, did not do a good job in selecting police force members (as a result them being a bunch bullies), compared his citizens to apes etc. etc. oh and he threw Prowl in a potato salad barrel and kicked him down the hill but it's been sorted out.

Recently it was shown that he probably didn't care who he chose to be in the Police Force much to the new leader Prowl's horror after interviewing them and fining out they are INSANE, LAZY and MORONIC (With one exception which was Barricade's companion Frenzy)

Findie Prime is also shown to have some sort of bad blood with Pyro as evidenced by the fact that during their conversations it always results to them arguing and Findie Prime getting angry at Pyro's comments about him. Pyro even promised to make a shrine for Findie Prime thanks to the title of "Boy Toy" that Findie Prime received from the Ultramen of DOOMPRIME Country and just recently Findie Prime got angry when Pyro reminded him of the time they searched for square eggs in the Andes, what happened during that time is currently unknown and open to speculation.

A Kind Heart

Findie Prime despite the well being a jerk has shown that he is a kind bot underneath. His Girlfriend which is Elita-1 hasn't broken up with him and that might suggest a sign that she sees the good in hm. Another example is his out most respect for DOOMPRIME Country's Masterpiece Class Optimus Prime and his continued praise for his exploits and the great things he's done for that country.

He was also shown to have had two human girls who were his freinds and he expressed how much he misses them and wondered if those two girls and their respective daughters are alright.

So this means Fez Findie Prime is a redeemable Autobot.

Relationship with the Ultraman Race

So far it's been shown that he has bitter relationships with the Ultraman race rumor has it that the Ultramen hate him a lot cause of the way he does his leadership and has them on their "To Destroy in Gruesome Ways" blacklist.

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