Fire Convoy is the leader of an interdimensional patrol of Maximals in the Beast Era who chase the forces of Gigatron and his Destrongers into an alternate universe.

Fire Convoy was created at the same time as his Spark brother, God Magnus, but was chosen to be a member of the Convoy Council and given a Energon Matrix by General Magnaboss himself over Magnus. As a result, Magnus greatly covets Convoy's Matrix Shard, to the point where he chased Convoy to the alternate universe in an effort to get it. Eventually, the two settled their differences to some degree.

Following the apprehension of Gigatron, Fire Convoy became involved in a mass chain of events that eventually led to a climactic battle on alternate Earth wherein both Gigatron and God Fire Convoy were lost to a third dimension.

Fire Convoy can combine with his trailer armour to form Super Fire Convoy mode, or with his brother God Magnus to form God Fire Convoy.