Fortress is an Autobot in Transformers:Aftermath. He is the strongest Autobot, and good friends with Thunder. His greatest rival in the Decepticon ranks is Boomer, and he is supposedly one of two Autobots (along with Thunder) who is able to take him down. He is none too bright, and does not possess a very strategic mind. As such, he is quite loyal to the Autobot cause, but he has a tendency to get confused in the heat of battle.

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Black/pale blue Ford F-450





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Autobots, Mutants


Decepticons, Extermicons


Heavy assault

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Fortress has been friends with Thunder for a very long time. The two once served together, until 'the incident,' where they destroyed a misidentified Autobot bunker. The two were sentenced to service on the Freedom 13. In Book 1, he scanned an F-450 on Interstate 15, which was apparently quite difficult. In Book 2, he and Thunder were on their way to the other Autobots when they were attacked by Boomer. Fortress defeated Boomer by twisting his main cannon and letting him fire, with the backlash causing Boomer critical damage.


Fortress got his name from his incredibly dense armor-plating. It accounts for half of his already considerable body weight. Even his underlying structure is reinforced, allowing him to maintain some of his durability even in different modes. He is also incredibly strong, able to demolish a skyscraper in a matter of minutes. He is also armed with missiles in both modes; in vehicle mode, they pop up from behind the grill, while the launchers end up on his arms in robot mode. These missiles are able to detonate with massive force, enough to stun even Boomer. He also carries an automatic rifle for longer-ranged firing. This rifle can blow another Transformer's limbs off at close range, and it can fire up to 1 mile away. Fortress's armor makes him quite slow, and his top speed is 120 mph. His towing capacity is unmatched, and he is surprisingly nimble. His reflexes are also rather slow, and he has difficulty seeing fast-moving objects. He has a strange defect that prevents him from righting himself if tipped over. Despite his limited intelligence, he is anything but predictable in combat.


Fortress is black with pale blue trim and has green windows. His eyes are blue.

Behind the scenes

Fortress has kind of a crush on Selene. His colors are based off of G1 Fortress Maximus, though he does not share his temperament.