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This is for anything important and of a more serious matter, such as bannings, admin status removal, partnership requests, and anything else serious. Anything casual goes in the Transformers HQ. Admin, Bureaucrat, or Rollback requests go here.

Topic Last Edit Last Author
PG 13 Policy20:19, May 9, 2009Sarrc
Switching to the new parser13:36, February 11, 2009Sannse
Universal Streams (copied from my talk page)20:58, December 18, 2008Banpei the Mini-Con
Passing off the lead22:41, September 2, 2008General Grham
Logo04:08, April 27, 2008Sarrc
Categorization Policy04:02, April 27, 2008Sarrc
MORE USERS!16:49, October 8, 2007Zodberg
RB Voting19:38, September 16, 2007General Grham
Trash Raid16:47, August 7, 2007General Grham
Voting Policy12:54, July 25, 2007General Grham
Image Upload Policy16:10, July 24, 2007General Grham
Rewrite for the Manual of Style16:10, July 24, 2007General Grham
Scrap FA's16:09, July 24, 2007General Grham
Rewrite for Tense Policy12:46, July 21, 2007General Grham
Wanted Pages12:35, July 21, 2007General Grham
Me and Voting10:24, July 19, 2007General Grham

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