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The Transformers HQ is a site-wide discussion area. This is for casual discussions and opinions. So far, the rules are:

  1. Keep it civil. Please stay calm. You may post your opinions and beliefs, but do not be bossy, derogatory, or obnoxious.
  2. This is more for anything casual. For anything of a more serious matter, go to the Transfanon Council.
  3. Don't spam the forums or create multiple posts of very similar topic. An example would be a forum called "General Grham - good or bad author?" and one called "General Grham's articles"

Topic Last Edit Last Author
SW Transformers21:22, July 16, 2013Littlebotbrat
Is this Forum still alive?20:51, December 10, 2007Troyb
Partners22:46, October 6, 2007Troyb
"Fanon" vs "Fanfic"01:48, September 16, 2007Sarrc
Logos23:49, August 14, 2007General Grham
Tip of the Week16:38, August 7, 2007General Grham
Un-altered pics?15:05, July 10, 2007General Grham
Favicon02:11, July 6, 2007General Grham

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