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Fractyl is a predacon in the beast era

From the moment he emerged from his stasis pod, Fractyl has been more concerned with studying the strange planet's surplus Energon than battling Maximals. Though Megatron tries to force him to be a warrior, it's no use. Fractyl is an excellent geochemist but he is, more often than not, a liability in battle.

Despite his shortcomings, Fractyl tries hard to gain the respect and admiration of his fellow Predacons, often to the detriment of the team. It seems the only one among them who does so is Vice Grip.

Strength: 4.0
Intelligence: 9.0
Speed: 8.0
Endurance: 4.0
Rank: 4.0
Courage: 5.0
Firepower: 5.0
Skill: 6.0
Total: 45


R fractyl025
R fractyl013

R fractyl043
R fractyl033

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