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Fuzzboxes are a common type of Customercon that often, but not always, transform into Soft Drink Vending Machines. They can often be found on board Explode Raptors and sometimes carry Warm Flat Black Fuzzy.


Fuzzboxes are an overly specialised form suited to infiltration and intelligence gathering missions, which means that the Customercons will often throw them willy-nilly into whatever situation comes to mind. In a rare operation where they are properly employed, a Fuzzbox will silently sneak into a location and assume an incongruous form to blend into their surroundings. They will then sit there for as long as needed and quietly observe their situation, recording valuable data. Eventually, the Customercons recall them so that they can report their findings. Or they forget about them, leaving the Fuzzbox to sit there for years, dispensing drinks for the rest of its run-cycle.

In their alt-modes, Fuzzboxes are immobile; in order to move, they must transform and walk somewhere. Alternatively, they can arrange to be delivered to a location by an unsuspecting third party. Arranging to be moved to a location by another Customercon usually results in the Fuzzbox being dumped in the middle of nowhere.

Otherwise, Fuzzboxes are not remarkable combatants. Their small size makes them relatively weak, although the presence of extra fondle arms does help offset that. Typically, Fuzzboxes are armed with launchers that carry wepaonised versions of their commercial payloads.

Known Fuzzboxes

Fuzzboxes in action

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