Galvastorm is bad technology. Decepticon scientist Flatline stole Megatron's corpse from the laurention abyys and attemted to use 5 allspark fragments he cloned from a 3rd allspark fragment he lost to revive him more powerful than EVER!!!! Well, it sort of.. half worked. the result of bad replicas of an allspark fragment caused a very powerful but unstable new soldier to be born. His name was Galvastorm.


After his "birth",Galvastorm and Flatline (Thinking Galvastorm was Megatron, so Galvastorm took advantage of that) went to destroy te Autobots. And their luck came when Optimus Prime, Beachcomber, Salvage, Longarm, and a surviving L.M-1 unit came on an AT-NT. They attacked the AT-NT quickly. After beheading Salvage, and bisecting Longarm with a new sword, Galvastorm went on to Prime. After a little confusion correcting, they started sword dualing with the Identical energy swords. After destroying the non-energy sword that killed Salvage and Longarm, Prime had a little trouble concentraiting after he saw Flatline kill Landmine. But, Beachcomber noticed that the Replica Allspark fragments were glowing like crazy,and knew what was going to happen. So, the Autobot knocked Optimus off the AT-NT, and then the fragments exploded, taking out all 3 of them. After that, Prime Found Megatron's corpse among the wreakage,once again lifeless, but with a LOT of battle injerys. The corpse was returned to the laurention abyys.


Early names for Galvastorm were: Megastorm ,Gigastorm, MegaGal, Megatron X, Mega Primal, Megaltronel and Furmantron.

Galvastorm was created to answer why Scalpel needed more parts to rebuild the not-to-dameged-to-need-extensive-repaires Megatron

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