The villainous leader of Southcon's criminal underworld.


Evil as his name is silly, Geese Powered uses his vast criminal organization, lack of morals, and incredible martial arts to acquire whatever he wants. Only Rim Cap One's friends and family stand in his way...

...And his tendency to be knocked out of his own highrise suite by Hungry Wolf, whose father Geese killed. Due to a psychological tic, Hungry Wolf blames any Geese for any bad event to happen. Falling several stores and landing on the pavement is fatal for Geese, and he usually alive again shortly after. Sometimes Geese will let himself be knocked out of his own building to his death just because it's quicker than taking the elevator down.

Oh, and Geese's own henchmen of questionable intelligence are prone to causes more headaches for Geese than they're likely to intentionally assist him in any manner. His henchmen include Chrysalis, Billy Club, and Needle Club, and potentially several others.

Five years ago, Geese Powered had a seventeen year old son named Rock Powered. Geese anticipated that Hungry Wolf would be a father figure to Rock, but since Hungry Wolf is preoccupied knocking Geese off of his own building, Rock Howard mostly just does stuff.

Briefly, Geese Powered had a sexual relationship with Rim Cap One's wife, Rim Cap Infidelitious

Behind the Scenes

Geese Powered is based off of the video game character "Geese Howard" from SNK.

And he's evil.

He's not really powered by Geese.

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