Ghost is True Transformer who has been the subject of legends and fables of Cybertron for many year. He emerged from another planet, Hellia, and migrated to Cybertron to escape their king's cruelty. His body changed with the help of the Cubix. He looks like a demon. He acts like a demon. He talks like a demon. In short, he is a demon from hell. He has been dubbed as the "Transformer that came from the Depths of Hell" and "Connection Between a Transformer and a Ghost" Because he has some ghostly powers that no other transformer can. He has the reputation of just emerging from nowhere,his scary demonic appearance (even Megatron was creeped out when he first saw Ghost) and destroying a whole planet with one hit when using his weapon in hell mode.


Ghost has ghostly and demonic powers. He has CIRCUIT STARE that can override any computer system once he concentrates his stare on it. He also has a robotic demon horse that he uses to get around. He can shoot and can breathe GHOSTFIRE , a form of artificial fire that he created during his temporary vanish. He uses a fiery chain that he can turn into other weapons. Once in a while, when he upgrades his weapons, again using the Cubix, The chain can turn into the Hell mode. This upgrades his weapons into super powerful weapons capable of destroying Cybertron. This upgrade has already destroyed Hellia, the first planet to be destroyed in this way. He can also turn demon mode where he can do super-robotic abilities. He sometimes is seen using teleport to go to other places. He can create a portal from the world he is in to hell. He can walk through walls, disappear and fly. He can create a ghostly minion from ectoplasmic energy he can get anywhere. He has the powers of death, the fictional character in many stories, also called Grim Reaper.

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