Headshot and Blindside are two Predacons who fought during the Beast Wars. Headshot chose a Rattlesnake as an alt mode. Blindside chose a Hawk. When they became fuzors, Blindside was mixed with a bengal tiger, while Headshot was mixed with a Megalodon.At the end of the Beast Wars, Headshot and Blindside were frozen in Ice in the Arctic. Sector 7 discovered them along with Megatron, although, they escaped first. Believing their current forms would not suffice at the moment, they scanned new forms. Headshot scanned the first thing he saw, which turned out to be an F/A-18 Hornet, Blindside waited until he saw something he liked, which was an F/A-18E/F Super Hornet.


When war broke out on cybertron, Headshot immediately joined the Decepticons. Blindside joined the Autobots. Years passed as the brothers fought against each other, years filled with Murder, Hatred, death, and pain. The brothers climbed up their respective ranks until they were known by most cybertronians. Then, Sentinel Prime died. Blindside, who was respected by many, decided to take the responsibility of leading the autobots until a new leader emerged. this period was very short. When Optimus Prime was finally accepted as leader of the autobots, he gladly stepped down and offered Optimus his full support. Years passed as the two sides continued the war. Eventually, they got sick of fighting and went into hiding together.Both were wanted killed by the decepticons; Headshot because he was a traitor to the decepticon cause and because he turned autobot, and Blindside because he was an autobot. Near the end of the war, they were caught and killed by megatron. Their bodies were carelessly thrown around and eventually landed on a ship. this ship would later be known as the axalon.

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