"I wonder Sentinel, do you know exactly what your son is doing?"
—Helix, Conspiracy

Helix is a character from File Recovery and Conspiracy, by Xerios (For the Sikorsky S-76 from Transformers: Cloned!, see Helix (Clone)

Designation : Helix
Creation Era : Pre Halicon
Optic Color : Red
Main Armor Colors : White, Silver, Pale Blue
Height : 20'
Alternate Mode : N/A
Weapons : N/A
Abilities : N/A
Faction : N/A
Job : Scientist, Medic
Personality : Opportunistic, sycophantic, intelligent, and curious.
Likes : Conducting barely legal experiments and designing CPU reprogramming algorithms.
Dislikes : Other scientists.
Other : N/A
Relations : Retrograde and Twitch.


Helix was created in the Pre Halicon era, although the names of his creators are unknown. He was trained as both a scientist and a medic. During the time that Sentinel Prime was in office, he was appointed the head of the Science Guild. He was also one of Sentinel Prime's advisors, and was alotted a private research facility in Altihex. This facility housed all of his experiments, some of which were questionably legal. His area of speciality was that of spark bonds and their affects on the rest of the body's systems.

He was also one of the main developers of the algorithms used in the reprogramming of criminals into downcasts. Because of his connections with the Administrators at the prison complexes in Kaon, he was able to retain a fresh supply of subjects for his experiments.

At one point during the Late Golden Age, Helix obtained two sparklings from the Allspark, although it is unknown why. Their names are Retrograde and Twitch.

Helix was killed by Megatron shortly before the beginning of the War.


Helix appears in chapter one of Conspiracy and is also mentioned briefly inside of a flashback during chapter eight of File Recovery.


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