Highbrow is an Autobot in Transformers:Aftermath. He is very condescending of humans, and refuses to, as Brainstorm puts it, 'dumb it down a notch.' He is a member of Squad I-53, and is in charge of electronic warfare. He is armed with numerous sensors, but is reluctant to engage in combat. His best (and only) friend is Chromedome, who is the only one able to tolerate his attitude. He has a bad habbit of using advanced vocabulary in casual conversation.

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Highbrow has been part of Squad I-53 since its inception. Before that, he was a scientist, who designed the Freedom-class ships. He was brought into the war when the Decepticons destroyed his lab and reverse-engineered the Empire class from his designs. Seeing his friends and colleagues killed, Highbrow designed weapons for the Freedom-class ships. Eventually, he would land in Salt Lake City and scanned an SLCPD Bell 206 as an alternate mode.


Highbrow is armed with acid guns in both modes. He is also armed with rotor swords for melee combat. He possessses numerous sensors, including radar, infra-red, audio, and a variety of stealth systems. He is able to achieve 200 mph in helicopter mode, and he is surprisingly well-armored, able to withstand massive damage before shutting down. His greatest weakness is his reluctance to engage in combat, and even if he does, he will never fire the first shot. He is a very skilled negotiator, and once was able to negotiate with Megatron himself to not attack a city.


Highbrow has a large upper body, thin legs, and SLCPD markings. He has blue eyes.

Behind the scenes

The original vehicle mode idea for him was a CV-22 Osprey. He is based off of the G1 character of the same name. He and Chopper share a vehicle mode, and are two of only 4 transformers in the series to do so (the other two being Crystal and Triton).

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