Holocaust was a Havocon from the Transformers: Extinction fanon.

"Give me steel and courage, and I shall forge you victory."


Although the Havocons were conceived as a conscripted unit, several of its more prominent members were volunteers, some not even hailing from Vos originally. This is true for Holocaust, who began his military career in Polyhex, as a young soldier named Crossfire, soon rising through the ranks during a series of brutal wars of expansion. However, as his prestige grew, so did his reputation for extreme brutality. Rarely taking prisoners, Crossfire instead insisted on a policy of no mercy, only sparing the lives of the enemy when they presented a valuable resource to him. When he was presented with prisoners, however, his skill as a torturer and his interest in vivisection and experimentation on living subjects were the focus of several grisly tales. It came as no surprise that, with the end of the Polyhex Wars, the Governor of Polyhex, Straxus, felt that Crossfire would prove a threat to his power, and exiled the aspiring general to the Sonic Wastes.

A New Home

Crossfire found himself harbouring no real sense of resentment towards Straxus, however, respecting what he saw as a wise tactical decision. Instead, he focussed his efforts on finding a new city to call home, seeking to regain his past standing in another army. Eventually, however, he heard rumours of brewing hostilities between Vos and Tarn, and enlisted in the relatively small standing army of Vos. His experience, coupled with Governor Starscream’s apprehension over the coming war saw him quickly rising to the rank of general once more.

Vos-Tarn War

When the war broke out, the units under Crossfire’s command soon proved themselves to be the most able of the entire army, a fact which soon proved their downfall, as Tarn’s significantly larger military sector brought much of its might to bear on the offending regiments, massacring them wholesale. Such crushing losses lead to Starscream forming the Havocon Division, conscripting its members from those fighting in the gladiatorial arenas. Shamed by what he saw as inexcusable defeat, Crossfire volunteered to join the regiment as a common soldier, in order to redeem his failures. Free from the constraints of leadership, Crossfire – now using the non-de-guerre Holocaust – was able to indulge fully in his brutality, often razing entire slums in order to hear the rustle of ash in the wind. By the end of the war, he had gone missing, officially presumed dead.


It was not until Misanthropy, formerly the commander of the Havocons, returned to Vos with his ally Dreadspawn, that Holocaust was discovered once more, serving as the head of the remnants of Vos’ military under Genocide’s mock government. His tenure was to finish once and for all, however, after he finally met his match in single combat with Dreadspawn, shot dead in a brutal dogfight in the skies over what was once the city centre of Vos.

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