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Hornet As Wildrider

dead end

hornet is the same modle as bumblebee hornet was later knock off-line by the transformation virus and captured by the tank areo and motercycle drone and had his spark removed and put into a chase drone named dead end  hornet was saved by the maximals. but like Rhinox Hornet got Tainted and embittered by his time inside dead end hornet rejected the Maximals and embraced Megatron's plan for a "peaceful", technologically-pure Cybertron, still serving megatron hornet/dead end reveled him self to megatron and found a way to purge him of his organic form by constructed a new body for him a copy of Primal's old "Optimal Optimus" form, though without its beast mode. and turned cybertron into technomatter megatron rewarded him by giving him control over the areo and tank drones

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