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Hot Shot is an Autobot from the Earth Continuity Family


Audi TT
Hot Shot's Alt-mode: Yellow Audi TT
BluemetroxAdded by Bluemetrox

 In his own opinion, Hot Shot is the height of cool. He and his sister, Arcee, stowed away on board the Ark. When discovered, it was decided that they would have to finish their training while on the mission.HE began training under the team's medic, Red Alert, to become an engineer. Hot Shot packs a lot of fire-based weaponry, with which he is proficient and worryingly enthusiastic.



Welding Burner, Circular Saw, Titanium Drill, Incendiary Bombs.


Apprentice Mechanic


Hot Shot transforms into a yellow Audi TT.

Special Ability

Hot Shot is completely heatproof. He can withstand extreme temperatures, and could last for 1 minute in a star.

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