The charismatic and fiery leader of the elite strike unit Mercury, Hot Spot takes his position seriously. A veteran of the sweeping campaigns Ultra Magnus lead to purge Cybertron of Decepticon rebellion, he has earned some measure of respect from the taciturn warlord. His own ambitions are modest: the achievement of Imperial Manifest Destiny. He currently believes that destiny will be best achieved by Ultra Magnus. As Commander General of the First File (the more formal name for Mercury), Hot Spot is one of the highest ranking members of Ultra Magnus's heirarchy. His rank has earned him many enemies, which has, in turn, taught him almost uncanny observation skills. He is not someone easily caught off guard.

Toys: Generation 1

File:Hot Spot (Robot) (Mirrorverse).JPG

File:Hot Spot (Truck) (Mirrorverse).JPG

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