Infrared is a young autobot from Kaon. Stepbrother of Absolute zero, with her grew up and learned to survive in that city, working for the owners of the old Energon's mines. He's escaped to Iacon wanted his Stepfather, who left there and gone.

He's a Jhiaxus creation, in time of the glorious of Kalis's technology Institute

Biographical information

Kaon, Cybertron

Physical description
Alternate Mode

Saab JAS 39C





Personal information

Army Nurse

Chronological and political information


"Do not try to want me, I do not change for you, better, change you and hate me for this


—Infrared, to Thundercracker


Infrared born and grown in Kaon, one of the poorest and decadent regions of Cybertron, in this environment learned what he knows about survival and contact, despite all, he's a fun buddy but a bit problematic, his age is close 22 humans years. Jhiaxus created him at the time of Sentinel Prime, when the Tyrest's University dominated science and technology issues. His upbringing and education was conducted by Bludgeon, which finally ended appreciated as his son. When the plan was exposed, the council ordered the search and lockdown of all involved, however, decree that all traces of the experiments and possible leakage of information should be destroyed, but thanks to Bludgeon, Infrared escaped with his stepsister, living in hiding in Kaon and using a nonexistent identity.

Personality and Traits

It has a strong character and a difficult personality, is not accustomed to following orders and can not bear to give orders, for this reason has often been conditional state within the base. Her character is fun, often funny, but tends to be a bit cruel and violent, in contrast to his work aroused in him a sense of altruism and caring. He belongs to a group of Cybertronian who originally lived on the actual Moon Base-1, but who emigrated after the war started. The hability of them is a unique weapon that works directly with its sparks and body, generating thousands of viruses which have different characteristics and reactions, depending on the body and personality type of bearer.

Nano virus Weapon

Infrared not possess large quantities of weapons. His main skill is focus in the injector nanovirus which has camouflaged his left arm. In attacking his arm changes shape, taking a type of needle system and a fuel injection pump, with which it pierces the armor of his opponent. The nano viruses have a short-term effect is so potent that a tiny amount is enough to have an effect. He has the kind driver SDiD or stun immune destroyer. He can control the opponent, taking full control of his body, using it as a focus of infection or attack, after then the enemy dies. There is no cure for any type of nano virus so far has identified only two types of virus on the planet, one of which is the Infrared. He produces his own antivirus, which can manage at will, overriding an immediate and permanent action of its nano virus in the immunized enemy. This practice is rare, since the immunized bot would never be affected by nano carrier virus which ceded the cure.