Ingvild, also known as "red energon", is an extremely rare, specially refined form of energon discovered by the Quintessons.


The process of refining energon into red energon was first invented by the late Quintesson Emperor Zephulus. He created the special energon for the purpose of providing his genocidal creations, Angelic Knight and Demonic Knight, with telepathic abilities.

Presently, only the Quintessons and the Decepticon scientist Captain Mir have any knowledge of the existence of Ingvild or how to create it.

Effects of Red Energon

Ingvild was designed for the purpose of endowing Angelic and Demonic Knight with telepathic ability. It is unknown if either knight can survive solely on normal energon, but it is certain that without red energon, they would not possess any telepathic abilities.

The effect of Ingvild on normal Transformers is at this time unknown.


Outside of the Quintesson Empire, Ingvild was first discovered by Captain Mir after collecting samples of the deceased Angelic Knight's spilled energon fluid after the events of Episode 007: Cold Tactics. She has since secretly kept small samples of Ingvild in her lab inside the Decepticon Fortress in Russia for further study.

Ingvild merited significant mention in the following Arise, Fallen Angel story arc, where the Captain Mir of the future is requested by the time traveler Chronoflux to revive the dead Angelic Knight. Mir retrieves one of the vials of Invild from a floor panel and uses it in the process of repairing and resurrecting Angelic.

Ingvild played an important role once more in Episode 008: KIA when it was discovered that the mysterious "black energon" has a counteractive effect on red energon, resulting a sort of "drain" of telepathic power when the two forms of energon come within close proximity of each other.

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