A one time Decepticon and friend of Starscream, Skyfire defected to the Autobots soon after his re-activation on Earth. He only stays with the Bots because he believes that they will ultimately be victorious. He just wants to be on the winning side. He still doesn't know that the Bot's were responsible for his original crash. While considered a bit overly violent by the Cons, he is fairly mild for an Autobot. He frowns on Autobots such as Cliffjumper and Warpath who enjoy random destruction for its own sake. He will fight fiercely in battle, but tries to avoid it at other times, thinking it a waste of resources and also thinking it's just plain stupid. When in combat, he tries to avoid engaging Starscream, whom (though he'd never admit it) he still considers a friend.

To this day, Starscream has not given up hope of bringing his friend back to the side of good.

Toys: Generation 1

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