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Jetlag is a fanonical Decepticon from the fiction A New Threat Emerges. He portrays himself as a steadfast warrior, afraid of nothing. His weapons of choice are a pair of energon pistols and gladly jumps into the fray of battle before anyone else.

"You think you can handle me alone? Yer dumber than a sack of bricks!"


Jetlag is most noted for his thick southern accent and his sense of battle strategic, often going head first into battle before anyone else. He is cocky and knows no one can best him in a battle. He is the product of the co-author.

He is first introduced into the fiction after having located Rickshaw. In which he discovers his leader's perdicament.

<-On the roof, Rickshaw grimaced as he clentched his fist.

"Lucky bastard..If it weren't for this belt I'd.." He tries to pull it off only to be blown back by an electrical surge that protected it from such acts. Having landed on his back, Rickshaw looked up to what he had slammed into.

"Looks like you're in a spot of trouble thar pard'ner." A voice bellowed out as a large bot looked down. Another, though smaller bot standing beside him.

"Bout damn time you lazybots showed up." Rickshaw spoke, perterbed at his team mates laziness as he got up.

"Eehee, it was tough enough locating you boss." The smaller of the two spoke up.

"Captured by a human Rickshaw? T'ain't like a Decepticon."

"Can it jughead. Where are the other two? Slacking off again?"

"No siree. Onslaught went off on a mission."

"Doing what? There's jackshit you can do here on this miserable planet!" Rickshaw snarled as he kicked a sattelite dish off the roof of the building, sending it soaring into the distance.

"Onslaught went after a human child. He says this insect can get that thar belt off yer neck."

Rickshaw glances towards his fellow decepticon.

"Let me guess. This insect child got the friendship bracelet off my 'dear friend' Blockade eh?" He eyed the pair who gave a slight nod.

"Haha! I knew that old bot wasn't so easily defeated." ->

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